14th September Salthouse

Our second match of the season saw 10 anglers fishing at Salthouse, with mixed results and again half of us failed to catch.

Ray Ward managed an early codling on prawn for 1lb 1oz and that was enough to secure him his first ever podium spot , so well done to Ray, Consistant as usual were Henry Randall in second place and Richard Ives in third, joint 4th place were Sam Attew and Tony Chidwick, with the rest of us blanking sadly.


  •  1st Ray Ward 1 fish for  1lb 1oz
  •  2nd Henry Randall  2 fish for  0.11 1/3 oz
  •  3rd Richard Ives 1 fish for  0.6 oz
  •  Joint 4th  Sam Attew & Tony Chidwick 1 fish each for 0.5 1/3oz


  • Dene Conway
  • John Neave
  • Russell Barber
  • Colin Howard
  • Peter Loke

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