7th September Kelling

The first match of the season saw 13 anglers venture onto the beach with several members away in ireland and on holiday this was still a good turn out.

The North Westerly winds had whipped the seas up compared to the day before which was flat calm. Expectations were not high but we could but try.

Richard ” Golden Bollox ” Ives went right along to the blockhouse area and was rewarded with 2 fish one of which was a Bass giving him a winning weight of 1lb 10 1/3oz.

Our junior angler went off in the direction of Weybourne and was also rewarded with 3 fish but not enough to beat Ivesy his weight was 1lb 3 1/3oz.

To the left of the carpark and to the right was where the majority of anglers went, with Tony “Genesis” Chidwick , Dennis “The Whinger ” Hunn,  Dene ” Smoooth ” Conway  and Colin Howard fishing to the left of carpark. Sam ” Lucky ” Attew was in his usual spot to the right along with the rest of the gang including John Neave who managed a joint 3rd place with Dene  for 0lb 13 1/3oz both catching a flounder. Others to catch from this area were Peter Loke, Colin Howard and Sam Attew also with one fish each.

6 anglers failed to catch anything within the size limits and it just showed the hit and miss of the beach that day.

Lets hope for a better amount of fish in the next match at Salthouse.


  •  1st Richard Ives     2 fish for        1lb 10 1/3oz
  •  2nd Henry Randall  3 fish for        1lb 3 1/3oz
  •  Joint 3rd Dene Conway & John Neave both with 1 fish for  0.13 1/3 oz
  •  4th  Colin Howard 1 fish for 0.8oz
  •  Joint 5th  Peter Loke & Sam Attew both with 1 fish for 0.7oz


  • Tony Chidwick
  • Dennis Hunn
  • Bob Thompson
  • Russell Barber
  • Billy Temple
  • Ray Ward

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