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Holt SAC North Norfolk NSL 2021 Round 2 and H. Mack Cup (Report)

Sunday 21st November 2021 - Gt Yarmouth


With a good final hour consisting of a number of Whiting treble shots enabled Big Catch Tackles's DAVE READ to do the business.

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Holt SAC Annual Open 2021 and Roy Waller Memorial (Report)

Saturday 6th November 2021 - Bacton


Another metronome performance enable MIKE WATTS to easily do the business.

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Holt SAC 2021 Sid Ernie Cup (Report)

Sunday 31st October 2021 - Trimingham


An outstanding performance by MIKE WATTS sees him do the business by a sustantial margin.

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Holt SAC North Norfolk NSL 2021-22 Round 1 and Sid Ernie Cup (Report )

Sunday 10th October 2021 - Bacton


A nice Bass helped DAVE WRIGHT of North Norfolk Lads to secure a healthy victory.

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Holt SAC pre-2021/22 teams match (report)

Sunday 26th September 2021 - Bacton


An outstanding performance by ADRIAN BORDIANU gave him victory by a significant margin.

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Holt SAC 2021 Charity Open and 8th Leg Summer Accumulator (Report)

Sunday 5th September 2021 - Kelling


With 6 reason Bass Kent based NATHAN ELLIOTT took the honours in a match where a good number of Bass were recorded.

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Holt SAC West Norfolk Challenge Round 4 and 7th Leg Summer Accumulator (Report)

Sunday 4th July 2021 - Sutton Bridge


A poor start for ADRIAN BORDIANU but eventually finds some good Eels to give him victory.

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Holt SAC West Norfolk Challenge Round 3 and 6th Leg Summer Accumulator (Report)

Sunday 20th June 2021 - Kings Lynn Estuary


HENRY RANDELL takes an easy victory in the penultimate round of 2021 West Norfolk Challenge Series.

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Holt SAC North Norfolk Bass Festival 2020-21 (Report and Results)

Saturday and Sunday 22nd/23rd May 2021 - Cley-Salthouse-Kelling


Another cracking Holt SAC Bass Festival where ROB TUCK became Festival Champion becoming the first previous winner to take the title twice.

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Holt SAC 5th Leg Summer Accumulator (Report)

Sunday 13th June 2021 - Cley


Five Bass enabled ADRIAN BORDIANU to take this match by a healthy margin.


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