Holt SAC 2016-2017 League and Trophy Winners


John Carter

Overall League Winner

John Carter


Congratulations to JOHN CARTER (JC) for becoming Holt SAC 2016-17 Overall League Champion with 710 points without casting a line in the last Club match at Bacton as he was having some sport in Norway at the time.  An uncharacteristic poor performance by HENRY RANDELL in that match meant he had to settle for the runners-up slot with 703 points.  A steady and regular performance throughout the season enabled PAUL KENDRICK to take the final podium slot with 690 points. The Overall League Ladies Champion was ADELE SMITH with 208 points. The Overall League Juniors Champion was LUKE BRIERLEY with 304 points followed by JACK TOPPING with 202 points and DANNY BROWN with 40 points



Overall League Runner-up  Overall League 3rd Place      Junior Champion

     Henry Randell        Paul Kendrick          Luke Brierley      


Final League positions for ALL members can be found at …


Overall League Table


The Holt SAC 2016-17 Summer Accumulator was taken by TONY THOMAS with 409 points from MIKE WATTS with 390 points and JOHN CARTER with 382 points. The Holt SAC 2016-17 Winter Accumulator went to JOHN CARTER with 26lb 11oz from TONY THOMAS with 24lb 14oz and JOHN NEAVE with 24lb 2oz.


Final positions for ALL members in both Accumulators can be found at …


Summer Accumulator Table

Winter Accumulator Table


In total Holt SAC has 28 League, Accumulator and Individual match trophies and these were presented at the Club’s Presentation event at Kelling Heath Holiday Park on Sunday 2nd April.  Altogether 21 Club members received a single or multiple trophies demonstrating the wide range of skills and abilities there is in the Club. Full list of Winners …

Trophy Winners List




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