Holt SAC 2017-2018 End Season Report


The climax of Holt SAC’s 2017-18 Season was the Presentation Evening held at Kelling Heath on Saturday 24th March.  Club Members were served an excellent meal by the Kelling Heath Chef which was quoted as being the best for years by a few of the Club’s culinary Members.  Many thanks to the Chef and his staff for this and to the other Kelling Heath staff who patiently looked after us superbly.


Overall League Winner

Mike Watts


 Congratulations to MIKE WATTS for becoming Holt SAC 2017-18 Overall League Champion with 1065 points with a consistent performance throughout the season.  Runner-up was TONY THOMAS just a few points away on 1056 points followed by NEIL SMART on 932 points.  The Overall Ladies Champion was JUNE FRARY with 213 points followed by ADELE SMITH with 91 points, there were only two ladies participating.  The Overall Junior Champion was JACK TOPPING with 432 points followed by LUKE BRIERLEY with 50 points, there were again only two juniors participating.



  Overall League Runner-up                    Overall League 3rd Place

  Tony Thomas                               Neil Smart    


Final Overall League Table


The Holt SAC 2017-18 Summer Accumulator was taken by MIKE WATT with 415 points from TONY THOMAS with 412 points and ALBERT RANDLESOME with 320 points. The Holt SAC 2017-18 Winter Accumulator went to TONY THOMAS with 24lb 7oz from ADRIAN BORDIANU with 22lb 3oz and PAUL TOVELL with 21lb 5oz.


Final positions for ALL members in both Accumulators can be found at …


Summer Accumulator League Table


Winter Accumulator League Table


In total Holt SAC has 29 League, Accumulator and Individual match trophies which includes a new trophy the “Richard Ling Shield” for Top Rookie of the season donated by Club Member Richard Ling, many thanks to Richard for this.  Altogether 19 Club members received a single or multiple trophies demonstrating yet again the wide range of skills and abilities there is in the Club. 


All 2017-18 Trophy Winners


The Trophies along with the Club Match Winnings for the season were presented after the meal to those who were attending the evening.  Although attendance was low the evening was another Club success.


On the afternoon prior to the evening the Club held its AGM which was attended by 13 Members.  A very constructive Meeting that primarily focused on debating the future of Holt SAC and concluded that amongst other things advertising would be key to attracting New Members. All of the committee were re-elected with Adrian Bordianu elected onto the committee.  John Neave stood down as Vice Chairman but remained on the committee with Kevin Green taking on that role.  Many thanks to John for his many years of effort in this role.


The following briefly details other information and what was agreed for the coming season …


  • The Club had a healthy monetary surplus at the end of the 2017-18 season.
  • Membership Fee (£15) and Club Match Fees (£2 + £1 Club Levy) would remain unchanged.
  • The Club will continue to run the North Norfolk National Sea League but Team entry will now be a £50 subscription fee instead of being associated with Club membership.
  • The Club will run the North Norfolk Bass Festival in May along with a Summer Open in June where the Club will sponsor 25% of the entry fee for Members and a Charity Open in September at Kelling.
  • The Annual Summer West Norfolk Challenge will again be run at Kings Lynn in May, June and July.
  • There will be a Club sponsored mid-week trip to Orford in May/June.
  • The Club will be assisting with the running of the SAMF Masters on the shingle in April, the Summer Pairs at Kings Lynn and the NSL Final on the shingle in November.
  • Club insurance currently only covers Members for Club activity not personal fishing and the Club will investigate finding a single insurance to cover both. Since the meeting the Club has found a solution with the Club’s Angling Trust policy and this will be announced shortly.
  • The suggestion of mid-week Club matches was discussed but decided that at the moment with so many Members living some distance from North Norfolk this was not practical, however the Club will continue to monitor this situation to see if this changes.
  • No drones or powered retrieval devices in any Club matches.
  • Summer Fixtures were announced.


Holt SAC 2018 Summer Fixtures


The Club’s next match will be the 1st Leg Summer Accumulator and postponed Round 6 of the North Norfolk National Sea League at Bacton via Castaways on Sunday 15th April fishing 10:00-3:00 HW 7:06 4.7m. See everyone there … Tony T

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