Holt SAC Specimen Competition (NEW)


Holt Sea Angling Club has created a new Specimen Competition for its Members who will be participating in this competition whenever and wherever they fish on-Shore in UK Waters. This competition will be deemed a Club activity which means that all participants will be covered by the Club’s Insurance and therefore its Members will be covered for all their personal shore fishing activity in UK Waters. This Competition is only for Shore caught fish in UK Waters and therefore the Club’s Insurance will not cover personal Boat fishing.


Competition Format

  1. The Competition will comprise of Club Members submitting to the Club Committee evidence of a landed Specimen fish.
  2. The Competition will be calendar based running from 1st January to 31st December and the following year’s Competition will start immediately the day after the end of the current year, there will be no gap.
  3. The current species that will be eligible for the Competition will be BASS, CODLING, DABS, FLOUNDER, ALL RAYS, SMOOTHHOUND, WHITING and others may be added if thought appropriate. Focus will be given to those species that are popular on the Club’s local beaches and match venues.
  4. There will be a monetary pay out by the Club to the Member with the largest fish in each species category at the end of the year as determined by the Committee. This will be around £40 per category but may be higher and even extend to runner-up if Club funds allow. All will be paid out at the Club’s Presentation Evening.

 Competition Rules

  1. All Specimen Fish submissions must be made to a Committee Member on the Club’s Specimen Fish card with just one fish per card.
  2. Each Specimen card must be signed off by the Member and include if possible a picture of the fish against the measuring rule. If a picture is not available then a witness to the fish must also sign off the card.
  3. Each Specimen card must be completed with length and points (from conversion chart), date and venue of capture. Additional optional time of capture, HW/LW times may be added if known.
  4. Specimen Fish submissions must meet a minimum length for each species as follows …


Any queries regarding this competition to Holt Sea Angling Club Committee.


Specimen Fish Card



Links to printable detail ...


Competition Format & Rules


Competition Specimen Card




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