Holt SAC H. Mack Cup (Report)

Sunday 15th October 2017 - Cley



The Holt SAC match for the H. Mack Cup was held at CLEY on SUNDAY 15TH OCTOBER.  Forecast for the day was strong Southerly winds from the remnants of one of those hurricanes and nice and dry.  They just about got this right and the wind was thankfully slightly less than expected.  Even so a stiff breeze from the South always flattens off the sea and this certainly happened with the colour visibly coming out of the water.  Pegging for this one was the usual stretch from the ‘old boats location’ towards Blakeney Point.  In contrast to previous matches here fishing was from around bottom and up on a small tide so water depth even at low was not bad.


Even with the Blind at Aldeburgh, a good turn out from Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambs,. and Nth Lincs. were soon drawing pegs and off to the match stretch.  At the “air horn” all were a little apprehensive about what was to come out as the sea was too flat and the colour was a bit iffy.  The usual Cley chucks were the order of the day and it was soon apparent that this was going to be a tough one as rods remained motionless.  The situation prevailed throughout the match so this will unusually be a short report.  Fortunately, the reliable Dab came to our rescue as the odd one or two started to appear on the cards.


Dabs were therefore the target but any distance or traces left out too long resulted in hooks been stripped by vermin.  This none action left plenty of time to monitor the half dozen big Bull Seals that came along to investigate probably hoping to pick up an easy meal, fat chance of that happening!  Then there was the couple of juvenile Gannets that kept colliding with the lines and crashing into the sea.  Then there was the excitement of the day when one the many dog walks let their pouch sniff around Lokie’s rucksack and about to cock its leg when they received a bit of Asian venom, it had picked the wrong bag, well done Peter!


A slight digression but the fish were scarce and with our resident well not quite so resident International saying there’ll be Gars around, out went the Floats.  Wrong! Not even a sniff as the wind took it seaward complete with attached oil slick.  So it was the ever reliable Dab that saved the day along with the odd small Flounder and a solitary very small Schoolie Bass.  Mind you everyone caught which was in total contrast to the big one at Aldeburgh.


In the end it was the Suffolk Smiths that did the business with JOHN SMITH (peg 7) coming out top using his Gar tipped Blacks to good effect finding 8 Dabs and that Schoolie for 1lb 8oz.  Trying harder than ever to keep up was end peg MIKE WATTS (Peg 1) with 6 Dabs including one of 26cm for 1lb 7oz.  Final podium slot went to ADELE SMITH (Peg 3) with 3 Dabs and a Flounder for 13oz.  Heaviest Flat was MIKE WATTS 26cm (6oz) Dab and heaviest Round that 20cm (3oz) Bass to JOHN SMITH.  Altogether just 35 Fish (32 Dabs, 2 Flounders and 1 Bass) were recorded weighing just 6lb 10oz.


Not much more can be said about this match as it just repeated other day time match reports around Norfolk and Suffolk.  Next Club match will be for the Woodward Cup at KELLING on SUNDAY 29TH OCTOBER fishing 10:00-3:00 HW 1:57 3.8m … Tony T


Top 10 Individuals (on the day) …


1…John Smith……..1lb..8oz…………….(9 fish)

2…Mike Watts……...1lb..6 2/3oz……..(6 fish)

3…Adele Smith…....0lb..12 2/3oz……(4  fish)

4…Dave Burr…….....0lb..12oz………...(3 fish)

5…Tony Thomas.…..0lb..10oz………….(3 fish)

6…John Carter…..….0lb..9 2/3oz………(3 fish)

7…Jeff Stannard…….0lb..5 2/3oz……..(3 fish)

8…Paul Kendrick …..0lb..4 2/3oz……..(2 fish)

9…Peter Morse….…..0lb..2 2/3oz……..(1 fish)

10.Peter Loke……....0lb..2 1/3oz…....(1 fish)


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