Holt SAC Summer Open 2018 (Report)

Sunday 17th June 2018 - Kelling




Holt SAC’s Summer Open and 5th Leg Summer Accumulator was held at KELLING on SUNDAY 17TH JUNE fishing 11:00-4:00 on a big 4.9m tide with HW 9:39. A relatively late start so it was breakfasts at the Muckleburgh Collection’s Café before the Draw and some of Hameds tasty Norwich sausages for the long distance travellers. Many thanks Hamed for opening up early for us and Mike (W) for holding the fort and the Draw giving Mr Organiser a break after a dismal Courthauld Straight performance the previous night


A relatively poor turn out for this one but when you’re competing against Fathers Day you’ve no chance. Posts during the preceding week reported very few fish and nothing serious so pessimism abounded. A Sea full of that murky May sludge was not going to even tempt those Hounds of late to come inshore to feed on the final throws of peelers. Those amazing catches of the last few matches are now confined to history and it was back to the traditional Summer species of Bass, Dabs and Flounders for this one.


Forecast for the day of slightly overcast with a gentle south south westerly breeze was about spot on but the skies did shed a few tears at one stage. Sea was a flat calm but as mentioned very murky and with a big HW just before the start it was a matter of following the tide throughout as the ebb picked up. Pegging for this one was two Zones either side of the west end of the Car Park and small Cliff with Zone A just short of the Kelling Pillar Box and Zone B well short of Weybourne Wreck .


At the start everyone was comfortably parked on top of the HW shingle bank and were soon into action at the whistle. The usual preferred Kelling chuck was soon evident and the casters with backing wind soon found they were into some serious tide as leads were being quickly dragged right. Even over an hour after HW the tide was still pouring left to right and would take until 2 hours after HW to ease for slack water and then eventually switch to right to left. The fair bit of tide at the start helped to keep the vermin at bay and bring the fish through. Not many fish but a few Dabs and the odd Schoolie Bass were soon being recorded.


The Dabs were rather small so with the sight of a Bass a few decided mistakenly to focus on finding a more serious version of this species whereas the majority continued to target the Dabs and some steadily started to build up a good collection on their card. Slack water slowed this recording and the vermin started to have a feast with a few of the large edibles joining in. As the water ebbed further the tide picked up and the Dabs came back on stream mainly the small single variety with the odd better double shot thrown in.


However, the venue was up to its usual tricks with an angler on one peg picking up multiple fish and others just a couple of pegs away struggling. Bait choice on this particular day was also proving to make a difference with lug tipped with fish attracting more Dabs. The venue has also become uncharacteristically hefty particularly close in around the gutter where the “beast” seems to have sripped the bed to bare rocks, concrete, flints or whatever. A favourite Flounder habitat and probably the reason why their numbers were seriously down in this match.


Near bottom here can be more productive and produce more serious fish and this was the case as a nice 3 1/2lb Bass was taken at the pillar Box end. This was more than enough for GARY MEDLER (Peg 4) to take the match with 6lb 6oz comprising of that Bass plus 11 Dabs and a Flounder. Runner-up was DAVE ALDOUS (Peg 19) with 4lb 6oz from 19 Dabs all between 20 & 26cm and final podium place went to MARK (KIPPER) COLMAN (peg 5) with 3lb 9oz from 3 Bass, 7 Dabs and a Flounder.   Heaviest Flat was a 31cm (12oz) Flounder taken by ADRIAN BORDIANU (Peg 10) and Heaviest Round the 56cm (3lb 7 1/3oz) Bass taken by GARY MEDLER (Peg 4). Altogether there were 149 fish (130 Dabs, 11 Bass and 8 Flounders) were recorded weighing 40lb 13oz.


In the zones, Zone A was taken by GARY MEDLER (peg 4) followed by MARK (KIPPER) COLMAN (Peg 5) and ADRIAN BORDIANU (Peg 10) with 2lb 8oz from 9 fish. Zone B was taken by DAVE ALDOUS (Peg 19) followed by NATHAN ELLIOTT (Peg 16) with 2lb 12oz from 14 fish and JOHN CARTER (Peg 26) with 2lb 10oz from 10 fish .


An interesting match which showed that the Hounds have at last moved on but the Dogs are still there as witnessed by unlucky Dan Jackson on end peg nearest the wreck seeing one slip off his rig close in. This match also demonstrated the usual various characteristics of this venue and highlighted a new one in the current hefty and barren nature of the gutter. Hopefully, all that sand and silt will return for the Club’s next pegged matched on the shingle which will be the CHARITY OPEN at the end of the Summer on SUNDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER at the same venue.   The Club’s next match is the SAMF SUMMER PAIRS at KINGS LYNN River Ouse West Bank on this coming SUNDAY 24TH JUNE fishing 1-6 HW 4:40 4.3m. This will be a Pairs and Individuals match and there is still time to book be texting 07780793141 … Tony T


Top 10 Individuals (on the day)


1...Gary Medler........6lb.5 2/3oz.....(13.Fish)…(Peg 4)

2...Dave Aldous........4lb.6oz......... (19.Fish)…(Peg 19)

3...Mark Colman.......3lb.8 2/3oz.....(11.Fish)…(Peg 5)

4...Nathan Elliott.......2lb.12 1/3oz..(14.Fish)…(Peg 16)

5...John Carter.........2lb.9 2/3oz.....(10.Fish)…(Peg 26)

6...Adrian Bordianu...2lb.7 2/3oz.....( 9.Fish)…(Peg 10)

7...Dave Burr...........2lb.4 2/3oz.....( 7.Fish)…(Peg 21)

8...Dan Jackson.......2lb.3 1/3oz......( 7.Fish)…(Peg 27)

9...Richard Ling.......1lb.13 2/3oz.....( 9.Fish)…(Peg 25)

10.Neil Smart..........1lb.13oz...........( 7.Fish)…(Peg 14)



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