Holt SAC West Norfolk Challenge 2018 Round 2 (Report)

Saturday 21st July 2018 - Kings Lynn Estuary




The second round of this year’s Holt SAC West Norfolk Challenge and 8th Leg Summer Accumulator was fished on the West Bank of the River Ouse Estuary at KINGS LYNN on SATURDAY 21ST JULY 2018. The match was fished on a Saturday to avoid clashing with the Humber Club’s Smooth Hound Open at Skeggie but unfortunately did clash with SPAC’s Lincs. Pairs Open, many apologies. Even so it was a reasonable turn out considering with a few more from Kent way, the Humber and others from Lowestoft way who managed to find crab. Many thanks to all who supported the match particularly as it was an early 8:30 start.


As seems to be the norm this summer the weather was forecast to be benign with plenty of sun as it duly was with a very light northerly breeze to just take the edge of the heat. Pegging was either side of the northern culvert although section A was further north on the low flat expanse of marsh vegetation to avoid the rough ground next to the culvert so we thought. Section B was immediately south of the culvert where in theory there should have been a lot of hot spots, again so we thought.

At the whistle the tide was just on the turn and this slack water allowed everyone to fish at different ranges with very mixed results. As seems to be the norm at the Kings Lynn matches this year rods started nod & twitch straight away as Eels of varying sizes and the odd small Flounder started coming ashore. Section A was performing best although the odd peg in Section B was finding a few fish. By starting very early the plan was to have more of the beginning of the flood and have a longer period of when the fish are feeding as demonstrated in the previous matches.


Well initially this idea was correct as there was active “pen writing” for some. However, as soon as the tide strengthened the flow seemed to put the fish off and the rod banging started to diminish. There were still the odd Eel and Flounder being recorded but nowhere near the numbers at the start. The pattern of the previous matches was again happening with fish feeding for the first hour before quietening off and starting early to extend this period never paid off.


During this period when the tide is pushing through normal practice is to fish slightly closer which for some worked well with a few Flounders appearing but some in Section A this distance was a non-starter. For most here fishing close in was impossible as rig after rig was left in the rubbish at the bottom of the bank. Unfortunately, this was certainly where the fish were feeding as the odd peg with clear ground in front was bringing in Flounder after Flounder and storming ahead.


Unlike previous matches the last hour was up to the top of the tide is generally a quiet period around slack water but in contrast to those matches the Flounders came on strong and double shots could be seen coming in particularly at the low end of Section A. It was these quality specimens that determined the outcome of this match with PAUL MARSHALL (Peg 7) doing the business with 7lb 13oz from 6 Eels and 8 Flounders which included a 40cm specimen at the end. Runner-up was SIMON DRAYTON (Peg 17) with 5lb 5oz from 8 Eels and 5 Flounders. Final podium place went to BRETT BARTRAM (Peg 6) with 4lb 6oz from 7 Eels and 3 Flounders.


In the Sections, A was taken by PAUL MARSHALL (Peg 7) and the runner up BRETT BARTRAM (Peg 6). Section B was taken by the SIMON DRAYTON (Peg 17) and ADRIAN BORDIANU (Peg 20) with 4lb 4oz from 5 Eels and 4 Flounders. Heaviest Flat Fish was that 40cm (1lb 9oz) Flounder caught by PAUL MARSHALL (Peg 7) and Heaviest Round a 61cm (15oz) Eel taken by NATHAN ELLIOTT (Peg 19). Altogether 110 Fish (69 Eels, 39 Flounders and 2 Bass) were recorded weighing 55lb 1oz.


In the Club’s 8th Leg Summer Accumulator PAUL MARSHALL (Peg 7) again took the hours with ADRIAN BORDIANU (Peg 20) and MIKE WATTS (Peg 10) sharing the runners-up spot with 4lb 4oz from 9 and 7 fish respectively.


Current West Norfolk Challenge League leader is PAUL MARSHALL with 3 penalty points with a 3 way tie for runner-up slot between HENRY RANDELL, SIMON DRAYTON and JOHN CARTER with 5 penalty points. The league table requires the worst score to be dropped which means the final Champion will have just 3 penalty point or less and will therefore come from these four.


In the MYSTERY Pairs current leaders are Tony THOMAS & Henry RANDELL (978 Fish Points) followed by Paul MARSHALL & Billy TEMPLE (968 Fish Points) and Dave READ & John CARTER (652 Points). In the FREE Pairs Current leaders are Dave BURR & Paul MARSHALL (1149 Fish Points) followed by Henry RANDELL & Dave READ (946 Fish Points) and Tony THOMAS & Mike WATTS (835 Fish Points). For the Pairs it could also be a very close contest with worst scores dropped over the three rounds.


A match where we didn’t quite get some of the changes right. That is, starting early to catch more of the bottom resulted in the same fish pattern as previous matches so as Mr Marshall said “we could have had 2 more hours in bed…”. Pegging further north past the culvert produced a few more fish but at a cost of lost gear and we were certainly aware of that there was rough ground here. Interesting observations to take on board if we run matches at Kings Lynn next year as this was the last Club match there this year.


The Next Club Match will be the 3rd and Final Round of the West Norfolk Challenge and 9th Leg Summer Accumulator on SATURDAY 4TH AUGUST at SUTTON BRIDGE fishing 9:00-2:00 HW 11:42 4.5m. The match stretch will be on the West Bank of the Nene just South of the bridge (PE12 9XE) where there will be a sign and the Draw will be on the Bank from 7:30. If you are fishing this match please text 07780793141 and please bring a raffle prize … Tony T


Top 10 Individuals


1...Paul Marshall.......7lb...13 1/3oz..(14 Fish)

2...Simon Drayton.....5lb...5oz.........(13 Fish)

3...Brett Bartram……..4lb...6oz..........(10.Fish)

4=.Adrian Bordianu...4lb...4 1/3oz....( 9 Fish)

4=.Mike Watts..........4lb...4 1/3oz.....( 7 Fish)

6...Nathan Elliott.......3lb...13 2/3oz...( 6 Fish)

7...Henry Randell......3lb...10oz.........( 7 Fish)

8...John Carter.........3lb...1oz...........( 4 Fish)

9...George Smith......2lb...13 2/3oz...( 5.Fish)

10.Brian McKenzie…...2lb...8oz..........( 5.Fish)



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