Holt SAC Nelson Cup (Report)

Sunday 1st October 2017 - Trimingham



Holt SAC’s first pure Club match of the Autumn and Cup season was held on the sand at TRIMINGHAM on Sunday 1st October. The sand is generally not a regular venue for the Club but tradition has it that we kick off the winter with one or two matches here to take advantage of the return of the Whiting which did arrive in small numbers. No early breakfasts at Trimingham but this didn’t deter a good turn out of the regulars for a nice early 9:30 start.


Forecast for the day was supposed to be the tail end of hurricane Maria with strong southerlies and slight drizzle but as it happened the wind was more an uncomfortable easterly and slightly more than a drizzle but nothing we couldn’t cope with. In contrast to most Club matches this was fished 2 hours to the bottom over slack water and first hour of the flood. A small tide meant very little chasing the tide and very little tidal flow to upset your neighbour. A good colour in the water with almost flat conditions at the start but the swell did pick up to 1-2 ft as the easterly wind freshened.


Pegging for this one were bays 2 and 3 to the left of Vale Road car park which were a relative unknown to the Club and in hindsight maybe we should have done a bit of research into this location beforehand. Anyway it was an easy short walk on relatively hard sand to the match stretch and everyone was raring to go at the whistle. First cast in a Club match is always a good indicator into what is to come so everyone was using their regular distances for an unknown venue. Unfortunately, it was the casters who very caught out in particular Paul Tovell and Mike Watts who started to lose gear cast after cast. This left Mike to fish uncharacteristically close and for Paul to call it an early day.


Others fared slightly better at their usual shingle ranges but as the tide started to bottom they were plague with weed. Not over serious stuff which could be removed in some cases by a few taps on the rod but just a nuisance when the line dropped in the “surf”. Fortunately, this did not deter the fish as a few flatties started to be recorded . Luke Pearson (peg 1) found a 24cm Dab first cast and Joe Bettinson (peg 3) found a nice 30cm Flounder which he followed up later on with one of 32cm. John Carter (peg 10) thought it was to be his day as his first cast produced a 24cm Whiting and a 32cm Flounder but that was his total score for the whole match, that’s fishing.


The weed increased as the tide bottomed but the odd fish was still finding the bait being retrieved all tangled up in the stuff. That is, what bait was left as the vermin was devouring most of it but surprisingly not on every cast. The culprits being big velvet swimmers along with sizeable edibles with Mike Watts and Tom Gibbs finding a couple for the pot. The start of the flood encouraged the Whiting and although they were there throughout the slightly larger specimens started to appear. However, this increased action didn’t last long but in the closing minutes the more serious Flounders started to make an appearance with Neil Smart (peg 4) finding one of 29cm and Tom Gibbs (peg 7) one of 34cm.


A change of tactics to closer heft free range enabled MIKE WATTS (peg 15) to take victory with 3lb 8oz from 12 fish which included 28 & 29cm Whiting and 29cm Flounder. Runner-up was JOE BETTINSON (peg 3) with 2lb 1oz from 5 fish including 30 & 31cm Flounders. Final podium slot went to a rejuvenated carvery free PETER LOKE (peg 9) with 1lb 15oz from 5 fish including a 30cm Flounder on Irish maddies. Heaviest Flat was a 34cm (1lb) Flounder to TOM GIBBS and heaviest Round a 28cm (6oz) Whiting to MIKE WATTS. Altogether 51 fish (23 Dabs, 15 Whiting and 13 Flounders) were recorded weighing 15lb 2oz.


Once again and interesting match where a change of tactics did the business in a rather hefty stretch of beach and at least we now know where not to peg at Trimingham. A good turn out so early in the Winter season , let’s hope this continues.


The next Club match and 1st Round of the North Norfolk National Sea League is on SUNDAY 8TH OCTOBER at BACTON via Castaways Holiday Park fishing 11:30 – 4:30 HW 8:32 5.3m. This is a very big tide so hopefully the Whiting and specimen Flounders will be around. Draw will be from 8:30 in Castaways Cliff Top Inn with Breakfasts available from 8:00. There are currently 7 teams in the League and still time for New Teams to enter. This year team match cards will be randomly selected prior to the match so no team will have more than one end peg and no team will now have 3 pipe pegs at Bacton. This year we will also be focusing more on the team event and Individual pegs will be restricted so if you want an Individual peg you will need to book early … Tony T


Finally, I think we would all like to wish Julian Shambrook a speedy recovery after being taken ill at his Llandudno Open over the weekend.


Top 5 Individuals (on the day) …


1…Mike Watts.……..3lb..8 3/3oz…….(12 fish)

2…Joe Bettinson……2lb..2/3oz……....( 5 fish)

3…Peter Loke ….……1lb..14 2/3oz..…( 5 fish)

4…Tom Gibbs…..……1lb..14 1/3oz…..( 6 fish)

5…Tony Thomas…….1lb..2oz…………..( 6 fish)



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