SAMF National Sea League Final 2018 - Information

Saturday and Sunday 24th/25th November 2018 - North Norfolk




NSL Final 2018 Information (Word) 

NSL Final 2018 Booking Form


The 2018 National Sea League Final will be held on the North Norfolk Coast according to the following detail …


Date:                     Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th November

Fishing Times:      10:00am to 3:00pm both days

Low Water:           Saturday 1:34 pm Sunday 2:14 pm … 0.7/0.8m

High Water:          Saturday 6:35 am Sunday 7:19 am …   5.1m

Venue:                  North Norfolk … Cley/Salthouse/Kelling

Backup Venue:      Gt. Yarmouth … (Low/High Water 2 hrs later)

Event HQ:              Kelling Heath Holiday Park (NR25 7HW)



      Team Entry       …   £200 (Mandatory)

      Team Pools       …   £100 (Mandatory)

      Super Pool        …   £5/angler/day (Optional, collect at registration)



-    National Sea League Rules & Guidelines (2017) apply.

-    SAMF National Sea League Match Rules (April 2018) apply.

-    Catch and release with SAMF length to weight conversion chart.

-    Minimum size of 18 cm for ALL Fish.

-    All baits allowed except Crab & White Rag.


Registration at HQ on Friday 23rd November from 7 until 10 p.m.

Captains only will make the draw. Any teams not booked in by 10 p.m. will be drawn for and match cards held at HQ for collection Saturday morning.


Prize Presentation at HQ on Sunday 25th November between 6 and 7 p.m. Exact timing determined by time taken to prepare results.




Team Entry should be made on the official Booking Form to reach …


Tony Thomas by FRIDAY 2ND NOVEMBER 2018


Payment by Cheque payable to HOLT SEA ANGLING CLUB

or via Bank Transfer as detailed on the Booking Form.

[ Booking Form also available on Holt SAC website … ]







Head Quarters for the event will be Kelling Heath Holiday Park which is extremely close to all the match venues and they will be offering a 15% discount on accommodation for those participating. A short break booking will commence on Friday 23rd November and finish on Monday 26th November. with rates very competitive. Accommodation comprises of Lodges and a large number of Holiday homes which can accommodate up to 6 adults. There are plenty of restaurant and bar facilities at the complex as well as a Leisure Centre.


Check out their website at


The cost of accommodation with 15% discount for this weekend will be as follows …


  •  Heron             -           £159.30     ) Holiday
  •  Nightjar          -           £201.10     ) Homes
  •  Bittern            -           £203.40     )
  •  2 Bed Lodge    -           £261.90
  •  3 Bed Lodge    -           £317.70

(Please note some have already booked their accommodation before this announcement so some of the above may no-longer be available.)


In addition to this accommodation Kelling Heath has a sister site on the coast 6 miles away at East Runton called Woodhill Park which also has a number of Holiday Homes at a slightly lower rate than above and they can also be booked through Kelling Heath. For the more open air and hardy competitors Kelling Heath also has a large number of pitches for tourers and tents. They are offering 3 nights for the price of 2 and these can also be booked as detailed above.


In addition to the above we have negotiated breakfast at Kelling Heath for Saturday and Sunday mornings at a total of £17 per head for both days. This will be MANDATORY for all those staying at Kelling Heath and participating in the matches. This will be a buffet style breakfast which worked extremely well at previous Events.


Booking of this accommodation MUST be done by phone on 01263 588181 quoting National Sea League Final to obtain the discount. Please do not delay if you require this accommodation.


There is also a lot of other local accommodation available in the area which can be found on the Internet and one useful site which also gives live webcam view of the beach is



MATCH INFORMATION (Same as 2014 & 2016)



The match venues will be on the only shingle bank in Norfolk which stretches for 6 miles from the end of the cliffs at Weybourne in the east until it peters out into sand bars at Blakeney Point. The event will use the beaches of Cley, Salthouse, Kelling and Weybourne.


All venues back onto a relatively low shingle bank which in places is topped by large tides and northerly winds. The beach then slopes via shingle and sand to sand and mud gullies over 30 to 50 metres between low and high water giving a relatively steep drop.


The beaches at Cley and Salthouse have a low sand bar at about 100 metres at low water and only is exposed by white water with a stiff northerly. The beaches at Kelling and Weybourne have a similar form but with a flatter sand bar and mud gullies which in places run at right angles to the beach which makes fish predictions very difficult.


With such a profile fish will be found at 60 to 100 metres and in certain tide situations even closer. This means that these beaches are very much suited to the non-casters and true match anglers. However, it does not mean that casting will not find the fish on all the beaches when the tide and conditions allow but on a whole fish are not at range.


Tide run can be strong but nothing a good grip weight cannot handle. Tide flow is left to right on the flood and right to left on the ebb. Slack water occurs around about 2 hours after both high and low water when the tide direction changes.


Back-up Venue

Strong gale force north westerly, northerly or north easterly winds will make it impossible to effectively fish the above venues. If this situation arises then Gt. Yarmouth North and South beaches will be used as back-up venues which is around 40 miles south east from the event HQ. Only extremely strong gale force north easterly winds will prevent this venue being used.


This venue has a sandy beach which slopes very steeply into a deep gully running parallel to the beach and a few 100 metres wide. A mile or so off shore is Scrobie Sands now housing a wind farm and the presence of this bar protects the beach from all but the severest of weather.


As with North Norfolk, this is not necessarily a casting venue and fish can be found at 40 to 80 metres. However, under certain conditions and in certain places fish will be found at range.


The tide run here is very strong and at certain states of the tide it will be impossible to fish at range. Tide flow is similar to North Norfolk but slack water is over very quickly and occurs within an hour of high and low water.



Target species for North Norfolk will be Dabs, Flounders and Whiting. The numbers of whiting appearing will be dependent on the weather leading up to the event but the flat fish should always be there. Prolonged cold spell seems to keep the majority of species off shore. Secondary species will be pouts, rockling, bass and if we are lucky codling may make an appearance. Other species that could be caught are soles, turbot, coalfish and plaice but they are generally very rare.


The Gt. Yarmouth species are similar to the above but probably less flounders. There will certainly be more chance of picking up a few decent codling from this venue where there are a number of hot spots for this species.



The main bait for North Norfolk is blow lug and can be very effective on its own. However, tipping off can bring its rewards in particular with black lug, squid, mackerel, bluey, king rag and maddies. Crab and White rag are banned for this event.


The main bait for Gt. Yarmouth is similar to North Norfolk but straight black lug can attract whiting and codling. Here tipping off with fish baits is the favourite for whiting.



The main thing to remember for the North Norfolk venues is to keep snood lengths short, between 6 to 12 ins although in some conditions long snoods can work so be prepared. Although not very trendy the boom rigs tend to work extremely well particularly the short Avis booms.


The rigs that seem to work well are three hook boom traces, flappers and clip-down booms if you need to cast just that extra few metres but all with short snoods. Straight three hook clip-down traces is another option with 9 to 12 ins snoods which can cater for fish at all ranges. The three or two hook Portsmouth rig is becoming more popular here when there is need to put biggish bait at range.


Best hook size is size 2 fine wire for the target species followed by size 1’s if quality fish are feeding. For catch and release fine wire is preferred particularly for dabs and whiting to improve the numbers returned alive.


The same rigs and hook sizes apply for Gt. Yarmouth although slightly longer snood lengths would be better.


Local Bait Suppliers & Tackle Shops

There are a number of suppliers of quality bait in the area who specifically concentrate on sea bait …


  •  Peter Fairclough of Sheringham - 07899796938. Peter can supply blow lug,
     king rag, blacks and frozen mackerel & blueys.
  •  John Hall - 07502355524. John can supply locally dug blow lug.
  •  Steve Graver - 07766500947. Steve can supply locally dug blow lug.


There are just a few tackle shops in the area now who can supply the required equipment for the North Norfolk Coast …


  •  Rite Gear Angling Centre in West Runton - 01263 838248.
  •  Angling Direct in Norwich - 01603 400870.


Please contact the local organiser if none of the above are able to help you with your requirements.


National & Local League Organisers

Tony Thomas  01263 822400 / 07780793141 /  

Mike Watts      07858758669

Holt SAC         07899032984 /





The AGM will be held at the HQ on the evening of Saturday 24th November commencing at 7pm. We will endeavour to keep the meeting short and to the point and it is requested that all attendees participate in a constructive manner.    Amongst other matters, the meeting will …


  •  Elect League Secretary/Treasurer.
  •  Future venue proposal.
  •  Any Other Business.


Please note that only anglers present will be allowed to vote.


Any proposals must be submitted on the Booking Form and received by Tony Thomas by 2nd November.



Nb. During the event all nominated captains become committee members and their collective majority decision will be final if needed. 



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